Thursday, December 13, 2007

'tis the Season

For getting sick.


If there's a lull in posts on this blog, it's a sure bet one or more of the monkeys in the house is sick. Such is the case this week, again, as Little Monkey battles yet another round of colds, fever and ear infections. This is the third one in as many weeks. We are not happy campers.

The good news is that none of this is the type of fear-inducing stuff one worries about with a heart-transplant kid. It's just normal, run of the mill kiddie viruses that are a regular rite of passage for every preschooler in America. It's no fun, but it's routine. So, let's embrace normalcy and cheer that the Monkey is battling the petri dish of preschool with full effect.

Of course, when he has a fever, he stays home. So, how to keep a cranky toddler occupied during the seemingly endless waking hours? Of course there's tv. And contrary to what some of my friends mistakenly think about me - I am a HUGE fan of tv babysitting. We tivo our favorite junk tv for the kids, and thank God for it. Couch time is a sacred time.

But, there's only so much of that I can tolerate, and then it's time to do something else. We're big fans of arts and crafts in this house. One of my recent favorite discoveries is this site. Here we got the idea to give a little something back to nature and make a craft that makes the wildlife happy.

Ours didn't turn out as pretty, but the squirrels are loving it. I would have hung it from the tree branch, but I'm too short. Bah.

Day three of being at home, and today we tackled the project known as "Holiday Baking." We're lucky enough to have a few neighbors who actually seem to like us, and help us out from time to time. There's the ones who pull in our trash bins when we aren't home, the guy who insists on blowing the leaves off our lawn every other day, the ones down the block we only recently met because their son goes to school with Jordan...etc. This year, I thought the monkeys could help me bake them some holiday treats and generate some neighborly good will in the process.

Helping consisted of testing the cookies.

I made Grandma H's famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and my favorite non-chocolate cookie - a basic sugar coated gingersnap.

We put them in pretty tins, with a bow and a little handmade card.

And if it ever stops sleeting, raining, and snowing outside, I'll deliver them. But right now, the monkeys are napping, and I am enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet. The snow is piling up outside, but it's toasty warm in here...and thanks to all the cookies, it smells pretty sweet too. Sick days do have a silver lining after all.
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