Thursday, December 20, 2007

The wheels of boredom grind on...

A quick update - I had eye surgery on Tuesday, and all went well. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I can't believe how amazing it is to see without the aid of glasses or contacts!

Now. Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Both monkeys are in full quarantine mode in an effort to avoid any further colds for the time being. After two consecutive months of colds, fevers, ear infections, and ten-day rounds of antibiotics, Jordan's doctor finally suggested pulling him out of school for two weeks to have a chance to heal completely and avoid any more sick kids for the time being. His thinking is his body needs a break from the non-stop onslaught he's faced this season.

So, here we are. One perfectly healthy, highly energetic kid, stuck at home for two weeks with nothing to do. His expression does not fully capture the groans of despair I have been making.

How are we occupying our time?

The Monkey has taken up smoking - a habit I would highly discourage any of you from pursuing yourself or for your own kids. This ridiculous bubble pipe has become the bane of my existence. Every morning when he wakes up, it is the first thing he demands be brought to him. Like a typical tyrant, he doesn't bother with the niggling details of organization. As in "Where did you put the bubble pipe, Jordan?"
Such trivia means nothing.

Poor Miss Mina, who is suffering social isolation by proxy, has taken up more constructive habits. Here, she teaches herself pan flute playing.

She's getting pretty good. She should be ready for NPR's evening music hour any day now.

When Jordan's not busy sucking on the crack pipe, he's amusing himself with Monkey Sr.'s old camera. He's finally figured out how the thing works. Here's a few highlights:

I call this series, "The many expressions of Dada"


Sad. (I look awful back there. Ignore that. I'll teach Jordan adobe photoshop next).



In looking through the pictures he took, I was kind of amused to see the world literally through his toddler lens. It provided some perspective on things. For example:

We really are food pushers in this house.

And boy, do I drink a lot of coffee in the morning.

Oscar's typical greeting is really odd.

But the front view is not much better.

I see he's inherited the car fascination gene from my side of the family.

As well as the maternal adoration of shoes.

But once the camera battery dies out, we have to kill time in other ways. Our stand by is usually arts and crafts. Last night, I broke out the glitter glue and felt and dang...the monkey went to town. Love of glitter and sparkly things also comes from my side of the family.

You can never have too much glitter, when constructing a model of the solar system.

Monkey's version was a little more abstract.

Mine was pretty traditional.

Two weeks. Two more weeks....

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I might have to invest in my own bubble pipe.
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