Sunday, January 20, 2008

3...that's the magic number.


The little monkey is rapidly outgrowing his diminutive moniker and aging before our very eyes. This Friday, he turned three; and with my usual flair for the cliched..I'm sitting here wondering how time flew by so fast. He's three years old?!??? Wow.

The day began as it always does - an early morning breakfast at the table. Dual attached-high chairs, and a little conversation. However, it did not take too long for the monkeys to realize things looked a little different.

Decorations! Stars and solar systems suspended from the ceiling and light fixtures? Something was going on. That's right. I had been busy all week crafting on the sly, and with the help of Monkey Sr., we got the house decorated the evening before the party.

A close-up of the solar system center piece. I put it together with a kit, but craftier types can easily make this a do-it-yourself with some styrofoam balls and wire. The trickier part was hanging it from the light - but that's where Monkey Sr. makes himself useful.

The Little Monkey has been into the planets and stars for awhile now. I decided to run with that and theme it into the decor.

Our rocket ship cut-out was easy to make, and served as a photo prop, along with a handmade backdrop consisting of planets. Monkey Sr. tested it out that evening.

And demonstrated his best "Lost in Space" expressions.

The next day, the little guy discovered it in the playroom and took it for a spin. I can't believe this cardboard box stayed up for the duration of the party.

Monkey gives it a closer examination.

And finds that it also makes for a good basketball hoop.

We also had some traditional decorations - balloons for instance. A birthday party isn't complete without balloons, after all. And since it's one of Miss Mina's new words, I felt the cost was entirely justified every time I got to hear her shout "Boon! Boon!" Balloons and bubbles. It does not take much to make this one happy.

We've reached a point where I'm totally ready to ditch the big blow-out parties and just have a small affair at home. With a guestlist consisting of a handful of friends close in age, and from the neighborhood, I hoped this year's birthday would be still be lots of fun. And I think it was. The kids all got along, played together, devised their own activities to amuse themselves, and seemed pretty happy.

Sometimes they played quietly side by side. Sometimes they ran around. All within the safe confines of our little house.

Jeff and I frequently bemoan our children's behavior, and wonder whether they will ever learn any manners. But they surprise me sometimes. Here, Jordan gives his friend Olivia a big hug.

Keeping with the space theme, I did some improvised decorating of the ice cream cake to make it more "space-y." I thought the space monkey added just the right touch.

And because ice cream cake is not enough, for our craft, we had do-it-yourself cupcake decorating. I think I just needed an excuse to finally buy one of these wire cupcake stands. Now I have to come up with some other uses for it to make myself feel better. Muffins for a spring brunch maybe? Bwah ha ha. Brunch. That's a good one. I miss the concept of brunch. In our house, the monkeys awaken at 6:00 (if not sooner) and God help the poor soul who does not feed them within the next fifteen minutes.

Some of our guests did a beautiful job of decorating their cupcakes with a dainty hand.

Others impressed us with their etiquette and amazing neatness.

And then there was Mina.

That evening, we tried to get the monkey to open some of his presents.

But, true to form, nothing can compete with rodent on tv.

He may be another year older, but he will always be my Little Monkey.
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