Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Catching up.

With a week's delay in updating, I think it best to just launch into pictures.

Some highlights from the weekend's adventures - first, the train show at the NY Botanical Gardens. And because we just love dragging the kids around...a trip to the annual NY Boat Show at the Jacob Javits Center.

I'm proud to say, Jordan was as well behaved this year as he was the first time these trains caught his eye.

He walked around, held hands, admired the trains from afar..

Unlike some members of the family, who don't feel restricted by the wooden fences surrounding each display.

A few stern reprimands later...and behold! Pouting Beanie.

What can I say? This is one child who walks to the beat of her own drummer...forging her own path...goes down the road less travelled... and similar such cliches.

You never know where those roads may lead. In this case, we discovered the Ginger Bread Houses.

Jordan liked them too.

A sample of the professional ones inside.

And the reason why they are safely encased behind a glass cage.

That Sunday, we ventured forth to the Boat Show...Miss Mina was more in her element.

The Monkey took a spin too.

And took a turn at steering a yacht we will never be able to afford in a million lifetimes of blood, sweat and toil.

Sometimes simple pleasures are the bubbles! Also known as Underwater Lighting. I did not understand this display at all, but Miss Mina enjoyed it. I silently cringed at the withering looks I was getting from the sales staff watching my daughter grub up that glass with her sticky little paws.

Which means it's as good a time as any for a snack break.
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