Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The final days of 2007..

and we did a bit of this...and a bit of that...

No week would be complete without yet another novel attempt at potty training. Today, Monkey was parked in front of my laptop with nothing but the Japanese poo cartoon to entertain himself. I debated strapping him down with a set of eye-calipers, similar to the ones used in A Clockwork Orange, but was pleasantly surprised when he needed no inducement. He loved the video, and asked to replay it ad nauseum. Naturally. Watching another child successfully potty train is loads of fun!

You too can be a pa-pa PANTS MAN!!! (translation - a child having graduated to big boy underwear).

Miss Mina came over to investigate what all the fuss was about. I have a sneaking suspicion she will be potty trained before her brother.

And a funny thing happened on the way to despair. That night at dinner, I put Jordan's meal in front of him (pasta, chicken, carrots, milk) and sat down. I've stopped caring whether he eats or not - knowing full well that some days he eats, and some days he doesn't. I've lost all hope that he will eat meat, but I continue to offer it, in that mindless way one does when one feels like abusing herself.

I sat down next to him and looked over. He had picked up the chicken nugget and began eating it. No fuss. No fanfare. I felt as though the skies might open and the angels burst into song.

Every "expert" I've consulted has written that a toddler needs to be presented with a food at least ten-fifteen times before they develop a taste for it. For the record, it took my child 150,000 times of being offered chicken before he succumbed to its greasy charms.

He then calmly proceeded to finish two complete nuggets, and part of a third. He also happily ate his carrots and a few bites of pasta for good measure. I lost consciousness at that point.

Proof for the future.

Look at me...la la la...what a good boy I am!

As the year drew to a close, we tried to cram in a few last moments of culture and learning for the monkeys by taking them to the American Museum of Natural History again. Miss Mina decided she would rather push my purse around in the stroller...along with our winter coats and the ever-present diaper bag.

After exhausting herself with manual labor, she headed over to the children's Discovery Room to pour herself a relaxing cup of tea.

The Discovery Room was a nice feature of the museum to take advantage of. In it, we examined a small replica of the Dinosaur skeletons...

Did some digging of our own..

And learned about crustaceons. Wherever there is a computer, the Monkey is sure to go. The techie gene runs in the family.

We also learned where maple syrup comes from as we examined the fall diorama:

Me: Jordan, look...this scene is about maple syrup! Your favorite! Do you know where maple syrup comes from?

Jordan: Comes from mommy? The refrigerator?

We have much to learn, I see. I tried to explain about the trees and harvesting the syrup and all that. He listened intently, but seemed unconvinced.

Our trip to the museum was originally intended as an opportunity to visit the Rose Center and watch the Space Show at the Hayden planetarium. The monkey has been so into planets and solar sytem related things, we thought he'd love it! And he did love all the planet exhibits and models, but the minute the planetarium studio darkened, and the sky filled with stars, he freaked out. A big freak out. The kind where the ushers immediately come over with flashlights to escort you out of the premises.

Oh well. So much for that idea.

And then there was meat.

Our final meal of 2007 was a glutton-fest of roasted lamb (Monkey Sr.'s specialty, cooked hot on the barbeque), and an assortment of Indian side dishes courtesy of Costo - spiced rice pilaf, spinach paneer, and chana masala. And they were good! Who knew Costco could make desi so easy?

Plated up. I'm not big on New Year's resolutions..but I seriously have to figure out how this camera works this year. It's a point and shoot, but I cannot get it right. I actually had this set on one of the pre-programmed setting for food pictures, but it's slightly blurry and the light seems off. Techies out there?
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