Thursday, January 31, 2008

Midweek madness.

Yeah, we're gettin' all crazy here people. It's Wednesday, so that means...

After dropping the monkey off at school, Miss Mina and I have our morning pick-me-ups. We need to fuel up for the big gym class at Kiddie U, after all. One chocolate munchkin for her...a plain tea for me. No matter how many times I go in there and ask for it, they look at me like I have two heads. Am I the only person out there who likes tea straight up? No milk, no sugar?

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love me some milk and sugar. Particularly the milk, sugar and chocolate variety that comes wrapped in little packages with the word Lindt, Ritter, or Cadbury written on it.

While Miss Mina balances delicately on her big person chair, I stare out the window at our new favorite wings place. I'm a recent convert to the Korean-style chicken wing phenomena. If you're used to the typical saucy Buffalo style peddled in most pubs, this version is worth a closer look. The Korean style is crispy and spicy and little bits of meaty goodness. Monkey Sr. and I indulge in the local version from time to time. But at $20 a pop for a box of 20 wings, it's a rare treat.

Gym class over, a break for snack, and an errand later, it's time to pick the monkey up again. Three hours goes by so fast. En route, I have an opportunity to admire our local graffiti artist/war protester. In his 16 year old mind, he must have thought it the height of witticism to use the "Stop" in the sign as part of his personal message. I wonder if his dedication to the cause prompts him to join our local town anti-war protesters who meet monthly on the sidewalk at the one major intersection, armed with signs and candles. Probably not. None of them look like the spray can weilding types.

First item on the agenda upon arriving home? Lunch. I usually get 5 minutes to prep before meltdown commences. "I want to wear that in my hair," he said. A second to ponder the delicate dance of gender stereotyping, and I decided life is too short.

"Don't tell your dada," I replied.

What would Blue say?
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