Monday, January 21, 2008


Now that the weekend of birthday celebrating is over, I finally have a moment to just kick back on the couch and think about stuff for a minute. Just skip this entry if you're not in the mood for text.

I'm really proud and grateful that I am able to sit here tonight and smile at the thought of my son turning three years old. He's becoming such a kid. Who would have imagined? I never did. When I think back to those terrifying weeks after he was born, as I sat there crying to myself in the isolation of the lactation rooms, wondering whether he would live or die, it amazes me to no end that we are where we are today.

Today was the greatest day I've ever known. Just like yesterday was, and hopefully, God willing, just like tomorrow will be. Every day we have with our son is the greatest day we could hope to have because it is one day more. They gave us a week. We've now had three years.

They told us to prepare for the worst. And so we did. Deep in my heart, I did not believe he would die. I truly did not. But that's a story for another time. Unfortunately, when doctors in white coats with fancy degrees behind their names and prestigious hospitals to work in start sitting you down in small conference rooms, you begin to believe them.

I'm glad I never did. But, I am not so arrogant to forget to be grateful. And happy. I am so happy our son is here with us today, celebrating like a fairly typical three year old. He grinned from ear to ear on his birthday. From beginning to end, it was a fun-filled day. From the balloons to the ice cream cake..he got everything he asked for.

And so did we.
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