Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The road I dread.

Three days a week, I brave this road in front of the Monkey's school for pickup and dropoff. The school has no parking, and the road on which it is located is always busy, sometimes becomes a one way street, and is always populated by parents equally consumed with getting their kids in and out of the car. In addition to Jordan's school there is also an elementary school with kids running around getting dropped off. And the road is a shortcut to the main route to the GW Bridge. So, needless to say, there are a lot of rushed, irate, and bad drivers speeding up and down it throughout the day. It could be worse. I could be one of those poor homeowners whose driveways get blocked by inconsiderate people. Those "DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAY" signs nailed to the trees are a sad sight.

After the stress of drop off, I can usually forget the ordeal and enjoy Miss Mina's antics at her morning class. Today, for instance, we got our paint on at "Messy Art."

She can hardly wait to rip that cap off the dot paint.

And puts her new teeth to good use.

Before finally getting down to the task at hand.
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