Wednesday, January 23, 2008


When's the last time you found yourself waiting for the freight train to pass?

Trader Joe's gets me every time. And it's not even the two-buck Chuck.

I think it's because of the flowers displayed so prominently at the entrance. Something about seeing those bursts of color, first thing, hooks me and makes me feel like browsing the isles. Same thing with Whole Foods. They do the flower-at-the-entrance thing too. Maybe it's supposed to make one feel like they're strolling through the lively outdoor food markets in Europe. When I studied in Leiden, in the Netherlands, they had an outdoor market twice a week that always stocked fresh flowers. I used to pick up a bouquet for five guilders to brighten up my dorm room.

Miss Mina showed a passing interest in the flowers (she's been saying this word recently), but what really thrilled her was the tasting station in the store. There she sampled an almond chocolate tart and mango peach juice. Very tasty. I did not succumb to the temptation to buy though. Trying to be good this week. In anticipation of Valentine's Day. I'll make up for it then.
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