Monday, February 25, 2008

The cheese course was pure gluttony.

There's a reason we rarely do road trips with the Monkeys. Driving long distances with them is no fun, packing the back breaking amount of gear they require is exhausting, eating out with them is only possible in very controlled circumstances, and anything that throws them off their carefully cultivated shedule is bound to bite us in the ass later... so for those reasons and more, I'm done. Simply put, they're better off at home.

We endured the worst dining experience ever. An hour for a plate of pancakes?? Really? And is it that much of a challenge to vacuum that carpet once a month or so? And dear God...please let me forget that smell that insists on lingering on my coat two days later.

But, all things happen for a reason, I believe. And in this case, the nightmare was just the motivation we needed to treat ourselves to a special night out. Or, I should say, Monkey Sr. surprised me with a very special night out at Chanterelle, a really gorgeous little gem of a restaurant in NYC. With the monkeys safely tucked away in bed, Jeff and I headed over the bridge and celebrated our belated Valentine's Day meal peace and quiet.

I know I should have pictures of the entree and such, but my priorities have always been skewed in another direction.

The cheese course.

My dessert. That luscious looking composition consists of a miniature Madagascar vanilla cake, with poached seckle pear, and ice cream.

And because one dessert was not enough for each of us, the chef surprised us with a plate of mini tartlets and cookies.

Despite my best efforts, I could not finish them all on my own. So they made another appearance today at Little Monkey's snack time at school. Nothing says love like a packed doggie bag of Chanterelle goodies. While other preschoolers munched on orange goldfish crackers, mine had an opportunity to sample a little bit of fleeting perfection. If only I knew he might appreciate it.
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