Monday, February 18, 2008

It was bound to happen..

The February doldrums have finally hit - hard. When will this winter be over? Stuck in the house - with nothing to do.

Today's escape plan was to head out to the Children's Museum in Manhattan. A quick ride into the city, arrive at opening time, depart by lunch, make it home for nap..etc.

Unfortunately, the universe was not cooperating.

An unexpected work phone call for Monkey Sr., and he was shut away for the morning behind closed doors. Le sigh. I tried to keep the monkeys occupied, not knowing how long the emergency would take. But we were sad.

Especially Miss Mina. She's become quite the daddy's girl.

When Monkey Sr. emerged later, she was stern. Poor dada. He tried to explain the demands of litigation, but she was not convinced. You might notice Jordan back there in solitary confinement. Don't even ask. It was self-imposed.

Eh, it's hard to stay mad at him for too long. I know, I've tried. The goofy faces get me every time too.

She missed it, but this is about as adoring a look as is humanly possible.

All is forgiven.

Now, it's time to bust her big brother out of his cage. What cracks me up about this, is that in the three years Jordan has been sleeping in this crib, he has never once tried to climb out of it. Meanwhile, Miss Mina, who's a year and a half younger than him, was determined to scale the height of this thing whatever it took.

Jordan was indifferent to her, as usual.

I couldn't blame him, really. It was that kind of day. If I didn't have two kids, I'd be lounging around in bed all day too...reading the paper, watching bad tv, sipping a cup of tea, watching my freshly painted nails dry... Instead, I brought the kids to bed with me to jump around and burn off energy. Monkey Sr. and his Blackberry joined us and served to block them from falling off.

It wasn't a big adventure in the city, but it turned out ok. I'll take that. But..please..oh please...Spring...hurry up and get here already. I gotta get these kids out of the house!
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