Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday playdate.

The art table and birthday craft supplies got some good use today at the monkeys' playdate. Chalk, watercolor, and markers combined for a mixed media medley of colors. I held my breath, waiting for the inevitable water spillage, marker on the walls, or paint on the floor. It was not bad at all. No major damage. And since the whole house has become one big playroom anyway, my standards have gotten pretty lax.

But not so lax that I can't put the Monkey to work, when the opportunity presents itself. As it did here. A little water on the floor? Get to work mopping, kid. There's no free rides in this house.

We had the pleasure of hanging out with another little Mina today. I don't think she's quite made up her mind about us yet. I think I managed to get one hint of a smile out of her. I'll try harder next time and bring out all my best tricks.

Creativity can take a lot out of you. So we took a break to refuel. Would you believe out of the four children at the table, Jordan ate the most? Jordan?!?! He actually asked for seconds on the sandwich and the yogurt. I'm not congratulating myself just yet though. I expect a hunger strike will hit tomorrow as it dawns on him how many calories he actually consumed. I should probably follow his example.

Oh day I will make something that will tempt those toddler taste buds. Give me time.
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