Thursday, February 14, 2008

There's a new game in town...

it's called "Let's throw Moo out of the crib and scream as loud as as I can until one of the suckers comes back to retrieve him for me."

This has been Jordan's game all week, and in his own mind, it's the height of hilarity. As soon as one of us puts him to bed and walks out the door, Moo goes flying out of the crib.

Fine. Who cares. Moo's out of the crib.

Except, that almost instantly, the monkey starts screaming.

"Want Moo! I want my Moo!" How about another Moo??" (This "other Moo" refers to the herd of backup Moos that reside in his closet. He discovered them. Rather than being disturbed by the fact that Moo was not a unique entity, Jordan has gotten immense pleasure out of picking and choosing which Moo will be his bedmate for the evening. (He's kind of like a miniature Hugh Hefner, without the smoking jacket.)

We played the game for awhile. Come back in. Pick up the damn cow, hand it to him. Admonish him not to throw it out again. Etc.

This afternoon, I had enough. I warned him:

"If you throw Moo out of the crib, I will take him away. That's it. No More Moo."
(Sometimes I hear the words that come out of my mouth, and some distant part of me is standing there next to myself wondering "Who is this person?")

Big surprise. He threw the Moo out.

I let him cry for ten minutes, picturing him staring at Moo sprawled across the carpet from the confines of his crib. I enjoyed that mental image. It made up for a host of indignities he has put me through this week.

I walked in. Took the cow, tuned to him and said:

"I warned you. No more Moo. You threw Moo out. Now Mommy takes him. Bye bye Moo."

I am heartless.

I looked back just long enough to catch a glimpse of the red-faced apoplectic rage that consumed his little face. Ferocious anger exploded, as he began leaping up and down in the crib, shouting hyserical non-sensical syllables of baby nonsense.

An example of angry monkey face.

I let him cry it out. I'm that kind of monster.

He fell asleep eventually. He woke up an hour or so later - a very short nap for him. The first words out of his mouth were a plaintative request for his Moo.

I came in and gave it to him. I warned him again of the consequences for evicting Moo from the crib. He sniffed, and held on to the cow for dear life.

Of course I had my camera on hand to document the reunion.

Tonight Jeff put him to bed. There was no repeat of the Moo incident.

Too bad. Me and the bovine had fun hanging out this afternoon. If only I could be this strong when it comes to the food issues. One day.
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