Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Visiting school.

Jordan's school has a ritual they call "star of the week." During that week, the star in question has a collage of baby pictures posted on the wall. His family comes in, reads a story, provides some snackies. It's cute. Naturally, the week they decided to make Jordan the star, I got zero advance notice. I couldn't come in.

But, they accomodated me. They invited me to come in at a later date. So, I went in today. Grandma H. came along. Semi-homemade dessert made an appearance (see below post.)

With the exception of my child and the two allergy-restricted kiddos (ouch. Must do a post on this topic one day. Was really feeling their pain), the class dove right into them.

I read Little Pea. It was a big hit.

Jordan sat with me at the head of the circle, in his own little chair and chimed in at all the right spots. He enjoyed the spotlight. Reading to a big group of three year olds can be a challenge. Even when you have their attention, everyone's got something to say. You have to make sure everyone can see the pictures. But Little Pea lends itself to all kinds of theatrics, and I got some laughs. This was good.

I'll be taking my show on the road in case anyone wants to book their party in advance.
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