Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monday is when we recover from the weekend.

Promising ourselves that we will eat right this week, we stock up again at Shop Rite - or what I affectionately call it - "the bane of my existence."

We take a moment to celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite authors - Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. No, we aren't dressed up as a chef in a toque. That is our "Cat in the Hat" hat, thank you very much.

And because we just can't stand how ridiculously cute we are, we decide to engage in a marathon hugging session. Just for the hell of it. This was Beanie's idea.

It takes time to learn the fine art of knowing the right moment to let go in a hug. Ever have one of those uncomfortably long hugs? You know...where you start to think that it's time someone let go? But you don't want to seem rude and be the first to let go..so, the hug sort of continues in all its awkward glory.

Here, Jordan attempts to evade the whole issue by running away. Miss Mina, in her typical stubborness, insists on holding on.

Our Bean. Such a big personality in such a tiny package.

Speaking of larger than life personalities, we were thrilled to be able to celebrate the 80th birthday of the King of Greenwich Village himself, Fermin Sanchez.

I don't personally know many people who can pull off an entrance like this to cheering crowds at the Highline Ballroom.

But, Fermin can. As many of you reading this can attest. A big personality, with a big heart. The party was great, and as I watched celebratory pictures flash across the large screen - Fermin hanging out with Bill Cosby, Fermin hanging out with Tony Bennett, Fermin hanging out with BB King, I thought to myself - "what a life."

Que Vida!

And desserts were yummy too.
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