Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday projects.

Sometimes weekends are a chance to catch up on all those projects we've been meaning to get to: yard work, spring cleaning, painting, organizing..

But first order of business - a nice long nap.

After that, we head outside. The bright sunshine provided the necessary illumination for Monkey Sr. to tackle this month's task - take apart the old swingset to make room for the new one.

A task of this magnitude is bound to elicit strong emotions. Monkey Sr. unleashes his inner beast.

Like father, like son.

While Monkey Sr. tackled the swing set, I set to work trimming the overgrown grape vines, cleaning the deck, and of course, snapping pictures. The kids helped out as they normally do. Look how nicely the three of them are playing.

Stinkeye look from Mina.

And another one from her brother. I just noticed the poison berry in his hand. Argh...
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