Saturday, March 29, 2008

So, it's not a smoker's cough, after all.

A week of coughing now, and Monkey's latest illness has been officially diagnosed as croup.

It seems to make sense. He started out with a fever and cold. The fever broke, but the cold remained, and the cough got progressively worse. Our pediatrician, who has seen me more times this week than he would have liked, warned me today that it will probably sound worse before it gets better.

A loud, shouting, whining monkey with an equally loud, barking cough. Yes!

I'm making fun of him, of course, because he's my kid and this is what I do. I am happy that he's being a trooper and handling this latest bug with his usual grace. Apart from the cough, he hasn't been that bad. He's got a lot of energy, he's playing, eating, drinking, doing his usual things. But we kept him out of school all week to give him a chance to recover, even after his fever broke.

What's the protocol for croup? Assuming he's still coughing, is he contagious? If there's no fever, is it still possible to spread the virus? I'm kind of watching Beanie to see what happens with this thing..poor kiddo, a guinea pig in her own home. Judging from the number of kids I hear coughing and hacking all over the place at preschool every time I drop Jordan off, I think most kids are in various stages of recovering from one cold or another.

Such is the nature of the petri dish.
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