Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some all falls into place.

Days like this, I think...two little's not so bad. In's kind of fun. Having them around, the things they say, the things they do, the goofy little bits and peices that are so fleeting. It was a really nice day today. Of course you don't wake up in the morning and think, "today will be a perfect parenting day. Today, we're going to have fun."

It just happens of its own volition. Sometimes the planets align in the cosmos and things fall into place. You wake up, look around you, and realize, what a joy it is being a part of this life. This love.

So we had a busy and fun day.

Started off with a spring-y ensemble to go visit the Easter Bunny at the town rec center. Thanks Grace!

Because the possibility of more rain still seemed likely, we dressed accordingly.

We even got to the rec center early, but there was a line. It was a long line, and we were waiting outside in the cold. It could have been a bad scene. There could have been a meltdown. I fully expected a meltdown. I anticipated leaving early. Instead, we got this.

He's not as scary as the Donnie Darko bunny...but he's pretty close.

Not only did they manage to wait patiently in line, but they also both sat still on the bunny's lap, and smiled for the camera. Jeff and I are still wondering how the hell that happened.

Normally, we would have quit while we were ahead and just gone home after the successful photo op. Instead, we ventured onward to the local diner for an early lunch. There, the monkeys sat still (relatively speaking), behaved themselves, and ate. There was actually a pause long enough for me to have a few sentences of conversation with Jeff. For just one moment, I could imagine what life would be like when the kids were old enough to handle eating out at a restaurant without all the drama that it usually entails.

But it didn't end there.

We got home about an hour before nap time. As planned, today was "Bye-Bye Baba day." That is, today was the day we agreed Miss Mina must get off the bottle once and for all. She's way overdue and way too attached to that thing. So, like the true hard ass that I am, I orchestrated the demise of the baba with Miss Mina's full participation. Best way to make the finality sink in. All gone. No more. The entire stock of bottles, nipples and caps all thrown out.

She did great. It's three hours after her bedtime, and not a peep of complaint out of her.

The peace and quiet of the evening was a wonderful time to enjoy the special meal cooked by monkey Sr. - Suvir Saran's scallops with roasted red pepper chutney. Recipe from his new cookbook, American Masala. I was pretty excited about the cookbook, since the author is the one of the executive owners of Devi, one of my favorite NYC Indian restaurants.

I wish I had paused in the eating long enough to take a picture of the scallops. They were amazing. Preparing the dish was a lengthy enough process, no question about that. It was definitely a weekend sort of meal. I'm also not the least bit embarrassed to admit that Monkey Sr. is better at cooking Indian food than I am. It just happens to be that way. As he has often said, "You have to feel the food." Despite years of cooking, I'm still getting the hang of that.

But, there's nothing more enjoyable than sitting down to an awesome meal, prepared by someone else, at the end of a long and fun-filled day.
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