Monday, April 14, 2008

Bayridge reunion.

We were very excited to get together this Sunday with some of our old friends from Brooklyn. Some of us thought the occasion warranted a special look.

With a few years under our belts, and a handful of kids among the lot of us, we thought it best to consider this a "playdate."

For the big kids..

And the little ones too.

Some were so young, their eating was still of the liquid variety.

In between the food, there was plenty of play.

Danny gave Jordan a few pushes on the swing.

And Jordan tried to return the favor on the hammock.

Meanwhile, Samantha ignored the new slide completely in favor of the older, classic model a few feet away.

It was great seeing the gang again, comparing kiddie war stories, and eating all afternoon. But for the sound of little feet running around, it almost felt like being back in the 'hood.
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