Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday first - goat cheese.

After I put the monkeys down for nap, I got to work scrubbing. As I contemplated the shiny tiles below me, I sighed.

At the thought of lunch left uneaten.

If only I knew that later that evening, we'd be having a first! Goat cheese on sliced baguette. I had opened up a package and was spreading some for appetizers while Monkey ate dinner. He asked what I was eating, and I told him:

me: It's called goat cheese...or chevre.

Him: I want that.

Me: Really? (WTF???) Ok. I'll make you a bit.

I handed him a slice of bread with just the tiniest amount spread on it. I had gone into the store craving a certain type of very mild goat cheese, but didn't know the name. The counter person directed me to this thing, which I learned later was actually a Camembert. It doesn't really matter.

Monkey picked it up and licked it. Twice, for good measure. Then put it down.

"I don't want it," he said.

"That's ok. Thanks for trying it. High-five for trying!" We exchange high fives and cheers.

This is what passes for an insanely exciting day meal wise in this house.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table was Miss Mina. After a two week hunger strike in protest of the removal of her bottle, she's suddenly rediscovered food. She devoured her entire dinner - soup, bread, noodles, chicken, fruit..and moved on to dessert.

I help her with that since I just mopped the floors and all.

Nobody in this house has a problem with chocolate pudding.
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