Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tempest in a teapot.

For such a little marshmallow, Beanie can throw a whopper of a tantrum. Here's a moment captured right before we went to pick up Jordan from preschool. She did not want to leave. Having that glass pitcher and pie plate so close by was a risky move, I know. I just wanted to snap the pic fast.

The thing about Beanie's temper... when she's angry, she's really angry. She bursts into tears or a howl, or pummels her little fists against her body. But it's rare, and always in response to a clearly definable thing. She's not an angry little baby by nature. In general, she's pretty happy and funny and curious. She's cuddly, and affectionate. She hugs and gives kisses, and loves to "chat" on the phone. She even shares when prompted, which is a big thing in this house. I'm thinking the anger stems from frustration - being a little person in a big person world is not easy.

Someone's always telling her it's time to do something else; someone's always picking her up and taking her somewhere other than where she is at the moment. Another little person co-exists in her world, and he is just big enough to whack her over the head with something and swipe the toy that she is playing with. And she has only so many words with which she can express how she feels about all of it.

So, when she gets angry, I try to hug her a little harder. I try to be patient, and not get frustrated that we're running late, or that I'm tired, or hungry too...or that there are places to go and messes to clean up.

She'll outgrow this phase eventually..and then we'll be on to the next thing.
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