Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Mina and Jordan have been on the same one-nap schedule since she was about nine months old. It took work. It took patience. But I knew, with two of them, the sooner I got them on the same schedule, the better.

So, they both go down for nap around 1:00. What I have no control over at all is how long that nap will last. Jordan is an epic napper. He can snore away the whole afternoon and wake up four hours later, happy as a clam. Added bonus - long naps don't interfere with his bedtime. He goes down at the same time no matter what. These happy days are winding down, I know. He's been skipping naps every so often. The results are pretty ugly. By 6:00 pm, he's cranky and exhausted.

Mina, on the other hand, is a snapper. A short napper. On a rare day, she'll bless us with a two plus hour nap. Most days, it's not like that.

Like today. She slept for an hour.

What to do with the afternoon, while we wait for her brother to wake up? It's tricky. I can't make too much noise, because the monkey is decidedly demonic when awoken against his will. At the same time, Bean is a big bouncing marshmallow of rambunctiousness these days.

We played on the floor for a bit. During which time she admired my toenails. I finally did them yesterday in anticipation of flip-flop weather.

When Jordan finally woke up, I brought her upstairs to give her a chance to run around unimpeded. She had other ideas. She wanted to climb into his crib.

Jordan was a little confused at first.

And then, the jumping began.

Mina didn't catch quite as much air as her big bro, but I think she had fun. And all I had to do was run and grab the camera. No rush really... where could they go, trapped in the cage as they were.
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