Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Brooklyn Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Samantha! Thanks for inviting us to your party, the monkeys had a great time!

All these years of gym class seem to have paid off. The minute they saw the gymboree set up in the party, they ran off, content to play for the duration of the party. Yes!

An added bonus - the party was not far from Monkey Sr.'s old high school. We took a slight detour, long enough for the little ones to marvel at the wildlife strolling the campus greens. Farm animals don't immediately come to mind when thinking of Brooklyn natives... yet, here they are.

Needless to say, the kids loved them.

These were the most well fed set of birds I have ever seen. I think every passer-by on the street paused long enough to give them a bite of whatever they had...bagels, crackers, sandwich. I know this can't be good for them, but they looked pretty content to me.

My kids happily shared their precious stash of cheerios and goldfish crackers. And they never share.
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