Friday, May 02, 2008

Five Minute Warning!

And then it's time for bed, kiddos. Of course, this means the following sequence of events:

A long, painfully slow march up the stairs.

Herding the two of them into the bathroom for final clean up.

Inevitably, one of them will escape while my attention is diverted.

"Hiding, mommy!"

As you can see, they haven't gotten too good at this yet.

Picking out the right bedtime story is important.

You want something that will hold their attention.

While still teaching important life lessons. This is a good one.

I'm starting to wonder whether the monkey has outgrown his crib. He really loves it in there though. Getting him up from nap takes a long time.

I mean, I get it... it's a great place to cuddle with friends and ponder the mysteries of life...

Play airplane...

Make goofy faces....

It's been a long week. Bed's starting to sound pretty good right now.
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