Saturday, May 03, 2008

I had fun in Brooklyn, today.

He said, as we drove off.

I'll say. Between the birthday party with bounce house, the ball pit, the balloons, the cupcakes, chasing Holly, and playing with Grandma and Michael, this was one activity packed morning. Jordan was looking forward to this trip all week. Every single day, without fail, he asked me:

"What are we going to do today?" "What day is it?" "Today we go to Brooklyn? And every day, I explained that we would go to Brooklyn on SATURDAY. On Saturday, we would go to Brooklyn, see Grandma and Michael, and go to J's birthday party.

"He's a boy." I was informed.

Finally, the day arrived. They couldn't wait to hit the party.

Silly me. I thought they might be a little scared of the bounce house - never having been in one before. Instead, the two of them lined up politely and waited as it inflated before them in all its glory.

They took to it right away.

Then I got scared because it started filling up fast. And then the big kids jumped in. Wisely, someone declared it necessary to separate bounce time between big and little kids. Whew.

Miss Mina refused to leave when little kid time was up.

After being unceremoniously evicted, she tries to sneak in under cloak of disguise. No one was fooled.

Luckily, there were cupcakes on the way.

That's some consolation, I guess.

Jordan agrees.

One day, she thinks, I'll be a big kid too. And then, you'll see.

We get big pretty fast, I'd like to tell her. Just look at the birthday boy. Happy Birthday J! Thanks for having us over to your party. It was a great time. Being back in Brooklyn was a treat for us grownups too.

And hearing it expressed so simply, by our son, as we drove off, did for just a moment make my heart ache. Just a little bit. Brooklyn. There's no explaining to him how things were meant to have been different. How we had planned to live there after he was born. How I sometimes catch his dad mulling over the real estate listings for our old neighborhood in Bay Ridge. Things just worked out another way. Life does that sometimes. You go down paths you hadn't mapped out in advance.

I can't explain that, of course. All I can do is nod, and agree.

"Yes, we did have fun in Brooklyn," I say.
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