Friday, May 23, 2008

I never have my camera when I really need it.

Where was it today when we went to the park? When Jordan discovered the fun of rolling down a grassy hill and I helped him perfect his technique for maximum velocity? Where was it when I really wanted to capture his three-year old exuberance? I sat there on the top of that teeny little hill and watched him roll down a dozen or more times, laughing the whole way. I tried to record it mentally, which for me is never the same thing. But I promised myself to try and remember this every time I want to scream in frustration.

We had plenty of those scream-out-loud moments this week too. But what's funny is how tiny, ordinary things like today make the rest of it seem less important. People always say to enjoy every minute of these years, when the kids are young and we have this special time together. Sometimes I wonder if these people actually remember what it was like to be with little kids all day long. Jeff and I talked about this one night, after a particularly rough afternoon. I tried to explain it..

Imagine that your workplace consisted of individuals without any sense of rationality. Little ones with a fierce stubbornness all their own and a clear sense of their own purpose and entitlement. No one's sitting down together to discuss the merits of doing things one way or the other. There's was no rhyme or reason to their behavior or feelings. Everything is pure Id, to put it in Freudian terms ... mindless, blind passionate self-interest.

Anyone recall the commercial from Monsterjob dot com on tv? The one with the guy surrounded by monkeys at the board meeting, jumping around, throwing stuff at each other, and the boss monkey sitting at the table smoking a money roll cigar? It's kind of like that. But with smelly diapers.

I half expected Jeff to say that his workplace was exactly the same, but he refrained from sarcasm long enough to sympathize. Back to the point.

Moments like the ones we shared at the park help make the rough patches ok. I wish the whole day could be like these..blissful, happy, rolling-down-the hill kind of gleeful.

I did have my camera with me at home to capture these:

You just know this game will end badly.

Yeah. It did.

Miss Mina is not picky when it comes to play mates.

Anything with a pulse will do.

The little hand on my knee as she tries to scoot down the breaks my heart every time.

When the two of them are together, it's monkey-see, monkey-do. See that floor over there under the chalk board? Thank God for Swiffer mops.

And lots of arts and crafts.

But now that Jordan's getting older, his taste in games is getting more sophisticated. This started out as an exercise in learning to sort things by groups. But, given his interest, we might be moving on to Blackjack sooner that I thought.
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