Sunday, May 04, 2008

My Backyardigans.

Thankfully, the weather was more cooperative today. After morning errands, we had a chance to enjoy some sunshine out in the backyard. The swingset - old and new, the hammock, random balls - all of them were enough stimulation to keep the monkeys occupied while burning off energy.

I'm really digging the new swingset. After the untimely demise of the old one, I wondered whether we (mainly Jeff) would be motivated enough to put a new one up. The old one had been functional. It came with the house, it had two swings, and a slide. That is, until Jeff and I had the brilliant idea to sit on it (with the kids) all at once. Then it came crashing down. No one was hurt, but the swingset portion of the unit was beyond repair.

We were able to salvage the slide and fort. So now, yes, we have two slides. It is a bit like a playground in our backyard. There's little in the way of landscaping or ornamentation. I ponder that at times. But for now, with two monkeys and a dog running around there, I'm a little leery of planting too many pretty flowery things. I did experiment this year with some Canna bulbs. We shall see what happens.

Beyond that, I'm just relieved we now have the option of just throwing the kids out back for an hour or so each day at critical moments - before meals, after meals, before bathtime, after class...etc.
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