Friday, May 16, 2008

Random mishmash of assorted ramblings.

I'm not doing so great at my picture a day project. I've started slacking off here and there, which makes it easier to give in to the temptation of slacking off the next time. But, for today, I managed to pull it together long enough to get these:

This is what he looks like after a long day with no nap. He also had school pictures today. That was a new experience. We were scheduled to show up at 12:30 for a group and individual shot. We left 45 minutes later. I have no idea what went on in that room. All the parents deposited the kids in the library. We were then herded upstairs to wait in the hallway while our kids were left in a big group together. I'm very curious to see the results of this.

We ordered a pretty basic package. With no advance proofs, Jeff balked at anything extravagant. I'll spare you the dialogue. As though our son has ever looked bad in a picture.


In other news, Mina's fascination with my shoes continues. She shuffles around the house in my Old Navy specials.

photo credit: Doug Letterman

These are decidedly more comfortable then the strappy stilettos I wore last night. Monkey Sr. and I dined at one of his new favorite restaurant's, Keen's Steakhouse. If you're a steak lover, their porterhouse for two was a nice one indeed. I think I should have gone for the rare though. Jeff talked me into the medium rare version. I rarely eat steak. When I do, I guess I like mine on the juicy side. And this is coming from someone who went meat free for over two years. We also had oysters to start. I remember the first time I ever had oysters. I cringed in nausea.

But, fast forward several years later, and I actually love them. This gives me hope for our children. I know it is possible to become a more adventurous eater, to develop one's palate, and to actually enjoy trying new things. If I could do it, anyone can.

I'm hoping this will occur with them in my lifetime. Right now it's a fantasy..the idea of taking them to grown up restaurants with items on the menu that don't included grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. Not that I don't love a good grilled cheese. But I also love a good spicy pad thai, or a creamy vegetable korma, or a big plate of searing hot Buffalo wings ... and on and on.

One day.
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