Monday, June 09, 2008

Rock on Grandma H!

It's been a little busy around here. The last couple of weeks, I've been using precious monkey nap and sleep hours to redo the playroom, hence, the lack of posts. Sorry about that; but I'm hoping the big reveal later this month will help justify the absence.

While I've been mucking about with sandpaper, joint compound and magnetic paint, Grandma H has been busy raising money for her yearly bike marathon in support of the American Diabetes Association. Together with Michael, they ride countless miles in the heat and sun, in honor of loved ones lost to the disease.

These guys do not fool around! They have been participating in this event for years now, and always do a great job raising money. Please consider making a donation in support of a great cause. No matter how large or small, each gift is one more stride towards improving the lives of 20 million people who suffer from this disease.

Here's a link to Grandma H's webpage, where you can make a direct donation and track her progress toward reaching goal.

Now, someone this dedicated, deserves a really great birthday celebration on her special day. Instead, she got us, the kids and the dog! She was a good sport about it, and pretended to have fun as we descended upon her in a tangled mess of bags, kids, and wood frame projects.

There was a lot of food involved. Some of us had a hard time waiting. But, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Michael did a spectacular job on the grill in 90+ degree weather. Whew!

Yay Michael!

The kids ran around like fools the entire afternoon. They skipped nap, so delirium set in.

They were quiet only when the ice cream cake made its appearance.

As you can see, that was an eagerly anticipated moment.

Carvel - chocolate and vanilla with a fudge center and chocolate crunchies. Could we get any more decadent?

Heck yeah we can! Bring on the rocky road brownies, courtesy of Martha Stewart's Every Day food magazine. Oh Martha, you saucy girl you! These were so rich, I almost swooned.

So, it wasn't all gluttony and mindless eating. We took some time for other stuff too:

Like playing "slide down mommy's legs."

Or, "Throw the little ones as high in the air as possible, and maybe catch them, too."

And my personal favorite - "tickle torture on the couch."

The heat must have gone to our heads, because we were crazy enough to take the kids on their first ever boat ride. With the little Monkey at the helm (is that the head of the boat?) I was sure everything would be fine.

Michael even had kiddie sized life vests available for the pint sized crew.

But Miss Mina felt that no sea-faring outfit was complete without a pair of horn rimmed pink, polka-dot sunglasses.

We discovered a stow away - Holly snuck aboard with the crew.

The captain did a great job teaching his young Gilligan a thing or two about the sea.

Even when a mini-mutiny arose.

Grandma H got things back under control.

And Monkey Sr. even got a chance to relax.

Then we got back to Michael's house, and really crashed. Bean was not having any of that though. Even Oscar poked his nose into the picture to see what was going on.

We did manage to leave behind something other than a complete mess. It took some doing, but we finally got a decent shot of the two of them together. Framed, it didn't look half bad. We thought Grandma H might be amused.

Happy Birthday Helene!
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