Thursday, June 26, 2008


We're very excited over here in Monkey land. Some of our favorite people are coming to stay with us for a few days. While we anxiously await their arrival, I'll try to keep busy.

My options are:

1. Go upstairs and yell at the kids to take a nap already!!! (They're very excited to see Grace, Miss Gorgeous, and Buddy.)

2. Do another round of mopping the floor, this time rinsing with clean water. I hate mopping. I usually maintain floor cleanliness with sweeping after each meal, spot cleaning, and Swiffer wet jet several times a week. Every few weeks though, it's time for a heavy duty mop-a-thon, wherein I haul out the big guns - the mop bucket, the pine sol, the tilex and a toothbrush.

3. Goof around on the computer and post pictures.

Hmm. Right, then.. here we go:

My attempt at taking a morning walk with Mina yesterday was an abysmal failure. She refused to remain in the stroller, preferring to push it herself or run up ahead. I humored her; and tried not to be impatient when we stopped every five feet so that she could grab a handful of cheerios to munch on. Fun and games ended very quickly once she fell flat on her face after a particularly frantic burst of running. Screams ensued. Other walkers on the track were horrified. But being the seasoned and heartless mother I am, I knew Miss Mina has a habit of milking sympathetic attention for all it's worth. Seeing no blood anywhere, I picked her up, dusted her off, and popped her into the stroller. That walk lasted about 15 minutes.

She was much more willing to go along with the game if she was in charge. So, I rolled the dog off the couch and made him exercise. Miss Mina was thrilled to lead him around the neighborhood.

Oscar expressed some ambivalence about the situation.

And then some outright doggie defiance.

But we soldiered on. Bandaids on knees and all.

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