Sunday, July 06, 2008

Central Park Carnival 2008

In the summer, Wollman Rink in Central Park is transformed into a ride-filled carnival, perfectly suited for the toddler and up set. "Victorian Gardens," as it's called, was our choice for a post-fourth of July, morning activity. The monkeys and Grace revisited the carnival again this year, despite the dicey weather. Good thing too - they had the place practically to themselves. While I stayed home, nursing a cold, the gang frolicked in the heart of Manhattan.

Jordan and Helene on the roller coaster

Jeff, Grace and Mina on the roller coaster

Jordan is still talking about the airplane ride.

Maybe it was the company.

There were some daring ones in the group.

When the rain hit, there was plenty of covered spots to seek shelter and grab a snack.

Big slides...

are good for races.

Miss Mina looks glad to be at the bottom.

I love this one.

By the end of the day, it looked like the kids handled the rides better than the grownups.
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