Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Expression "Weekend Warriors"

takes on a whole new dimension with kids in the house. Sometimes our weekend projects involve housekeeping matters, but more often these days, we tackle big ticket kiddie things.

This weekend, for example, we decided to eliminate Miss Mina's Binky and convert Jordan's crib into a toddler bed. Both tasks were way overdue, and like the seasoned gluttons for punishment that we are, we thought it brilliant to do both the same weekend. Our reasoning was along the lines of, "We're not going to get any sleep anyway, might as well get them both over with in one shot." Kind of like... "I might as well get that tooth pulled out now, since I have a headache anyway. Oh, and skip the Novocaine."

In anticipation of our big weekend, Jeff tried to get as much sleep as possible beforehand. Here, he hides out in the playroom for a dirty-dog nap. I caught him.

Jordan expressed some initial ambivalence about the idea as well.

First item on the agenda: Saturday morning, it was time to have our "bye-bye binky party!" Miss Mina enthusiastically joined me in gathering all the stray binkies that have slipped behind her crib.

There were quite a few of them.

She ponders this momentous occasion.

"Here Mommy," She said.

Oh no. My methods are much more personal. I'm a firm believer in involving the child in process. Much like the former Iraqi Republican Guard, who charged the families of their victims for the cost of the bullets used to kill the prisoners. I think it's important to own the moment, so to speak. Here, Miss Mina throws out her own binkies.

We celebrated thereafter with brownies and balloons at the table. She was happy. Later that afternoon at the pool, she began to reflect on the loss.

Thankfully, her buddy Julia was there to distract and comfort her with food.

Food always makes me feel better too.

Now, as for Jordan. I'm thrilled to report that he slept in his "big boy bed without major incident on Saturday, at nap today, and thus far.. he is still snoring away Sunday night. He was not thrilled about the crib changing into a bed when he first saw it. Being the creature of habit that he is, I imagine it was a bit of a shock to see his bed thus changed.

It probably did not help that while Jeff was converting the bed, Jordan and I were in the playroom. There he managed to take an enormous tumble, and wound up with a grotesque bump on his head. All he wanted to do at that point was to crawl into his crib for comfort and hug his stuffed cow.

Instead of his usual, he encountered a bed. That threw him into a hysterical tirade, which we worked through.

But, he warmed up to it. And I daresay, he was thrilled to discover the new found freedom of mobility a bed without bars offers. Much to my surprise, he did not boycott naps in favor of playing. I half expected him to jump out of the bed and spend the whole nap time goofing off in his room or running up and down the hallway. Instead, he slept.

The only disconcerting event is one I missed completely, but Jeff pointed out. At some point in the night, he snuck out of his bed, took his small blanket and placed it completely over his potty chair, which we also keep in his room. Covered completely, he climbed back into bed and went to sleep.

I'm forcing myself not to analyze this too much.
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