Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Four of Us...

Grocery shopping - we make quite a sight. With the kids divided between two shopping carts, and the list split between us, we manage to complete the task door-to-door in under an hour. If you ever saw my list, you'd appreciate the magnitude of this.

I assume everyone has their own method to making their shopping list. Mine starts with menu planning for the week. This is yet another OCD behavior of mine from years past. I like meal planning. I like the organization of it. I like knowing exactly what I'm making on any given night, so there's no hand-wringing come 5:00, with weary groans of "What should I make tonight?"

So, once I know what I'm making for the week, it's time to write down what I need to buy. I divide the list into categories - produce, bread/pasta, meat, dairy, etc. And when Jeff shops with us, I give him the option of choosing what half of the list he wants. He inevitably grumbles when some esoteric ingredient makes its way on the list, or when he is unsure where a particular item might be in the store. But he soldiers on. And it helps that we're only a cell phone call apart in the store. That is, when I remember to bring my cell phone.

I don't allow myself to get distracted my monkey shenanigans....

Or requests for items that depart from the list. He doesn't even know what those packets are. All he knows is that they are strategically placed at his eye level in the check out aisle. Damn industrial psychology.

I try to keep the meal plan simple and kid friendly. I accept the possibility that some days may be so chaotic, I just don't feel like cooking and it's time for a pizza. But armed with my list, I feel ready to tackle the week ahead.

This week for example, I'm deep in chicken ville:

Monday - sandwich night - Chicken salad sandwich with apricots and nuts. Steamed green beans.

Tuesday - Creamy ranch style chicken with noodles.

Wednesday - Shrimp with garlic and lemon, served over orzo. Corn on the cob

Thursday - Retro night. Revamped "beef a roni"

Friday - Girls night out. Clean out the frige/leftovers.

I'm a list person. I don't apologize for that. It's kind of amusing to see there are others out there who do this too. I discovered this on Organizing Junkie's "Menu Plan Monday" blog; where you too can compare your meal planning lists with like minded warriors in the kitchen.

Anyone else out there a list fanatic?
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