Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday, we spent the morning hiking a local trail. Jordan did very well. After some initial hesitation, he made his way through the winding woods, looking out for red rectangles painted on trees - the trail markers, I told him.

He was careful to step over the tree roots. Along the way, we saw four or five little chipmunks, darting in and out among the underbrush.

Miss Mina was less than thrilled about this whole nature thing. She's more like me, I guess. Nature is nice and all, best enjoyed on a beach, with the ocean breezes through one's hair and a nice cool drink in one's hand. I had to carry her for most of the hike.

She did an exceptional job consuming grapes at snack time, however. Her most recent pediatrician visit - her two year check up - confirmed our guess that she has really grown. In three months, she's grown three inches and put on four pounds.

Back home, the tomatoes have finally begun to ripen. I am thrilled and am counting the days before we harvest them, slice them up with some basil, olive oil and sea salt.

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