Friday, July 18, 2008

Like Sand Through the Hourglass...

Almost 17 years ago, I first met this guy in an early morning Italian class in college. Don't ask what possessed me to take a class that met five days a week at 9:00 am. I honestly do not know what I was thinking. Seriously. What got into me? Why Italian? In the back of my mind, I was thinking, it would be an easy A since I had years of Spanish and Latin under my belt. But why would I take a language class anyway since I had already met the school's language requirements and there were a thousand other classes that would have been even easier A's. Why didn't I just do like everyone else, sleep in, and take an art class at 11:00?

Because it was fate. That's the only way to explain why I was destined to take that ridiculous class at that ungodly hour, five days a week. It was fate, because there, I met my future husband, who's been stuck with me since.

Yesterday, he celebrated his 35 birthday. He's now officially in the midst of the "thirty-something" years (remember that show? Didn't they all seem really old??)

We celebrated as only parents of two younguns can - at breakfast.

I made a special breakfast for everyone. Special is a relative term of course. It was special for the kids only because I threw some chocolate chips into their usual daily pancakes. It was special for Jeff only because he never eats breakfast.

Mina provided the entertainment with a impromptu fashion show. And then we sent poor Dada on his way, off to work to go make some money so we can all goof around at home.

And goof around is exactly what we did. It's been pretty hot in this neck of the woods. Excellent pool weather. So, for a change of pace, instead of schlepping all our stuff to the community pool, I decided to drag out the old "Scurvy Dog" inflatable pool we used at Mina's party last year. I got it inflated and cleaned, and filled it with water. The kids went nuts.

The kids had a lot of fun with this thing. Set up took some time, but it was worth it. We spent most of the morning outside, they had lunch, napped, and then got another hour or so of use in the afternoon before dinner. It wore them out nicely on a hot day, and we managed to avoid wasting too many hours in front of the tv, which is always a plus in my book.

Poor Dada - the birthday boy missed out on the fun during the day. However, we made up for it that evening with a nice dinner at Bond 45 in Manhattan. As usual, I forgot my camera. Here's a shot taken from outside by someone with a good eye.

photocredit: JiminTimesSquare

The food was good, the service excellent, and we even had a celebrity sighting! Sitting at the table right next to us was Amanda Seyfried, the actresses who plays the daughter in the new movie, "Mama Mia." I recognized her right away from one of my favorite movies, "Mean Girls."

She was eating a salad, accompanied by two other people, including a large gentleman who was not eating a salad.

Unlike Jeff, I did not immediately freak out and start waving my arms around to point her out. (Jeff is notoriously bad when he spots a celebrity). I just whispered to our table that the actress from Mama Mia was sitting next to us. She's very pretty in person, btw. I tried to listen in on the conversation, but it was hard to make out more than snippets of things. One of the other women at the table was louder and all she talked about was food to avoid. She looked hungry. Just my opinion, but the last thing I'd want to talk about at a popular restaurant with good food, is all the "bad food" out there you want to avoid. Just eat something already and enjoy it for once without the guilt.

Just sayin.
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