Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer camp!

This morning, I reminded Jordan that he'd be starting camp today. I usually wait till the day of, or maybe the night before, to drop news of stuff like this. I do this because I will inevitably be greeted with a chorus of protests and refusals to play along, no matter what the activity is.

"Don't want to go to the beach. I'm just playing over here."

"Don't want to go to the pool. I'm just sitting in my bean bag."

"Don't want to go to the birthday party and eat cake. Let's throw the cake in the garbage."

Sometimes, I'm almost tempted to just tell him nothing, get him dressed and throw him into the car with no conversation at all. Except that he has this pesky habit of asking me "What are we going to do today?" I think it started way back when as a way of reassuring himself that we were not going to see the doctor.

So, this morning, as I got him dressed, I told him he'd be going to camp. No, he has no idea what this meant. I preempted his reply by explaining that camp was like school... er.. which, in his world view, means a place where you run around and play all day. Except he'd meet some new friends and eat lunch there too. It's sort of like school too because the camp is run out of a local school. It's in the same building, with many of the same teachers.. and the same equipment. So.. it's kind of like summer school. For three year olds.

"Let's go eat breakfast, mommy." Was his response.

As he daintily put away a plate of french toast, I thought about this new camp thing. Like his preschool, Jordan will be attending camp for three mornings a week. Unlike school however, he'll be staying an hour longer, which will enable him to eat his lunch in the joyous company of a room full of kids his own age and older.

I wish I could be a fly on that wall. This lunch feature is something I negotiated with the school in the hopes that being surrounded by other kids eating might encourage him to try new things. And I have sternly vowed not to feed this child a thing for lunch on camp days should he come home and claim to be hungry. No food till dinner. If you don't eat your lunch, you're going to be hungry. That's it.

So, we'll see what happens with that.

"I too?" Miss Mina asked. Translated, this means, "Do I go to camp too, Mommy?"

No, Bean. I think we'll stay home this year...

and maybe work on those table manners.
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