Friday, August 08, 2008

It was bound to happen...

We've had a nice, long stretch of healthy days with the two monkeys. I'm hard pressed to remember the last major cold/fever/stomach bug either of them has had. Obviously, we were long overdue. Sure enough, it was time. Monkey came down with a fever yesterday, which morphed into a gastro-intestinal mess at about 5:00 am this morning.

We worked through it. It wasn't the best day, but we soldiered on. After boycotting food for most of the day yesterday and this morning, post -afternoon nap today, he was ready to finally eat something.

He digs popcorn. Unfortunately, in this house, the only type I regularly keep in stock is the mini, 100 calorie bags of 94% fat-free microwave popcorn. It's 1 point per serving, for those of you Weight Watcher types, like myself, who still need something to snack on post-dinner. Needless to say, he's not getting much nutritional value from this stuff, but it's the first thing he voluntarily requested to eat in 24 hours, so I was thrilled. He ate two little bowls, drank some water, and some milk too.

I thought I could kill the hour and a half before dinner time with some mindless television. Both of them were big fans of the original Shrek movie - much to my surprise. I did not think they'd like it at all. I bought it more for Jeff and myself, but one day in desperation, I popped it into the car dvd player en route to something. They were mesmerized.

They enjoyed Shrek II.

They had no interest in Shrek III.

Bean watched for a little while, being the tv junkie that she is. Even she gave up after about 20 minutes.

And Jordan threw in the towel early - he headed off to the computer to play on the PBS kids website, where Curious George and Boohbah kept him occupied.

They did well at dinner. In a rare display of culinary proactive-ness, Jordan requested pancakes. It wasn't what I had planned, but I compromised in the name of nursing the sick. He wolfed down a full pancake, drank some milk, and drank some water for good measure.

Bean ate like she might never be fed again. In addition to pancakes, she consumed two slices of pizza, a cup of milk, and an entire nectarine.

We had better luck with activities after dinner, when we sat down to do some workbook time and coloring. I'm really trying to encourage Jordan to spend concentrated chunks of time working out activities in preschool skills books. But he balks at doing the exercises when I invite him over directly. It's only when he sees Mina doing them, that he wanders over and expresses interest in trying too. So, we go about it indirectly. We do a few minutes of puzzles, tracing, and fill in the blanks.

Then we just color. That's my favorite part.

And then he got his hands on my camera - which I really have to stop leaving laying around. He took a whole series of pictures while I got Mina ready for bed.

This is one of the best ones, by far. Notwithstanding my nose, I almost actually like this one. "Say cheese, Mommy." He directed.

It's certainly an improvement over this one. This is just a painful visual reminder that I need to make an appointment with my local salon for some much-needed waxing before the big beach trip. Yes, I wax my arms. They're hideous. This is what happens when you take a razor to your arms at 13, thinking that that light fuzz will just go away forever. What an idiot I was.

Now, every four months or so, I face an even more embarrassing encounter as I enter the local salon and brave the tittering giggles of the elderly Korean ladies who laugh at me and talk about me in their language as though I wasn't standing right there. I must be the only one in town who does this. And I think they are horrified by the amount of hair. I swear, I think they break into a sweat while they're working on me. What can I say? It's a Desi thang.

No photographic montage would be complete without the Dora.

And the Children's Tylenol. His fever continued throughout the day, and peaked at 101.2, which for him, is relatively low-grade. We'll see what develops tonight. His pattern is usually to wake up in the early morning hours, flush with fever and crying for milk. The trick is for me to go to bed fully expecting to be woken up. As long as I've mentally prepared myself for the inevitable, it's not so jarring.

My most recent library loan. "Beyond Time Out," the author promises. So depressing. Reading it only convinces me I must be the world's worst mother. I'm about 100 pages into the book, and so far, I am doing everything wrong.

He captured the latest temperature reading for posterity. He calls it the "arm-bink." As opposed to the other types of binks which shall remain unnamed.

My exercise mat. It now occupies a place next to his toddler bed. He insists on unrolling it and placing it there. I think he worries about falling out. But I liked the color composition in this piece.

And of course, Miss Mina gets in on the act. I'm thrilled to report she remains healthy, thus far. Knock on wood.

Let's hope for a speedy recovery. Being sick, is never easy. But he's handling this one ok, so far.
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