Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When I grow up....

At lunch today, the Monkey and I had an interesting conversation. It was prompted by a photograph which appeared on the front page of the Dining Out section of the New York Times. I usually leave the paper on the table during the day. I glance at it during meals, and sometimes the kids point out pictures and we talk about them.

Today, Jordan pointed out a picture of three young chefs. He wanted to know who "those kids" were.

I explained that they weren't kids; they were grown ups. In fact, they were chefs. See, one even has chef knives in her hand.

Jordan: Knives are for grown-ups.

me: That's right. Knives are for grown-ups.

Jordan: When I'm a grown up, I can use a knife too.

me (starting to worry about the direction this conversation is taking): Umm.. yeah. When you're a grown up, you can use a knife. What would you cut with a knife?

Jordan: I would cut up hot dogs.

Me: (relief) There's lots of stuff grown ups can do that little kids can't. What would you like to do when you're a grown up?

Jordan (pausing for a full minute to really think this over): When I'm a grown-up, I'm going to drink soda.

(to put this into context, let me explain. Since Jordan was maybe 14 months old, he would ask us what things were. At first, he would point and ask "Ada?" As he got older, he articulated his inquiry - "what's that?" Every time he pointed to a can of Diet coke, which I always seemed to have around, I would respond, "Diet soda, it's not for babies.)

He forgets nothing. And is waiting for the day when he can open up his own can of carbonated goodness. Some kids can't wait to sneak their first beer. Mine can't wait for their diet soda, not for babies.

In other news, today was orientation for Jordan's school. He's moved up to the next "grade" at preschool. He's no longer a "tiny seed." Now, he's a "busy spider." There's some Eric Carlyle references going on here, I think.

We did our traditional pose-with-the-girl out front shot. Jordan did a nice job exploring his new classroom and meeting his new teachers. He was thrilled to see one of his old teachers, who was assisting with administrative matters today. She sat down and started chatting with him about his summer. He smiled at her and gave her a hug and a kiss. Unprompted. (Where did this child come from???) When we went to the playground for refreshments, another old teacher came over to visit. Jordan greeted her with the same enthusiasm. That made me feel good. At least he's not running in the other direction.

He was also remarkably patient as one of the aides tried to take his picture for class. Fifteen or so attempts later, he was still sitting nicely on the wooden bench while she fumbled with the camera. And I thought my camera skills needed work.

I think he's gotten a little bigger since last year.

They just keep growing. Slowly, but surely.

Kind of like my tomatoes.

Or Beanie's cheeks.

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