Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Crafting

I like having planned activities on hand for the afternoon during the hour or so before dinner time. While the weather is nice, I like to get the kids outside, but that hour before dinner, I need to be in the kitchen, and they need to be somewhere I can see them.

So, we spend a lot of time at the kitchen table. This afternoon's craft was inspired by a really lovely project I saw over at Montessori Mama's blog. Hers is much more Autumn-y looking. I hope we can complete ours as successfully and have them hanging in the windows this month.

Both Mina and Jordan are little gatherers when it comes to bits of nature that catch their eyes. Every day, when I pick Jordan up from school, he and Mina walk along the sidewalk to the car. Inevitably, one or the other stops at least twice to scoop up an acorn or a leaf or a twig laying on the ground.

"Here Mommy. This is for you! Do you want to hold it for me?" Jordan will ask. How am I supposed to refuse? As a result, the pockets of all my clothes contain outdoorsy detritus that I have to empty carefully before doing laundry.

So, when I saw this craft, I knew I would finally have a use for all this stuff. Now, I admit, I supplemented the stock a bit with feathers - recycled from one of Jordan's school crafts from last year, some dried sage from my garden (there's no way I am going to use all these dried herbs), some beads, some flower petals from the impatiens, some flower petals from a bouquet on its last legs, etc.

Jordan was particularly inspired by the orange feather. Whether these feathers exist naturally, I don't know. Since orange is his favorite color, I didn't want to quibble.

Beanie just enjoys getting her picture taken. Now that's she's figured out how the digital camera works, she insists on seeing each picture after I take it. Vain little thing.

I thought this one came out nice though.
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