Thursday, September 18, 2008

The internet is a wonderful resource for crafty ideas to keep the monkeys occupied during twilight hours like pre-dinner. I often scope out sites for suggestions, and file them away for future use. I'm partial to crafts that don't require me to go out and buy a lot of stuff, and that are easy to clean up. Just in case, our table is always covered with a hideous plastic tablecloth, the kind I swore I would never use when I had a real house of my own.

This afternoon's craft, courtesy of this site, was quick to set up, kept them entertained for a full hour, and only required the purchase of one can of shaving cream from CVS. Total cost, $0.99. I suppose I could have just swiped Monkey Sr.'s shaving cream, but I had a feeling he wouldn't appreciate me using up his pricey can of sensitive skin ultra gentle deluxe foam. Old Spice brand for less than a buck worked just fine.

Everything else, we had on hand. I modified it by just putting the shaving cream in individual paint palettes so they could mix the colors separately. And because our goal was just to use the cream to paint, I gave them brushes to use on sheets of construction paper, rather than expensive cardstock.

They had fun mixing colors - with the gel food dyes I had laying around since God knows when.

And then we discovered that shaving cream provides a wonderful three dimensional aspect to our art. So we practiced our "gobbing it on" technique.

Bean does a good job of keeping up with her big brother.

Ok, I had fun playing too.

Jordan's masterpiece - "Apple Picking!" He's taking a field trip tomorrow with his school to go to a local orchard, and he has been talking of little else all week. I can't wait to see what he comes home with.

I'm hoping he comes back with some good ones. I've been on a baking kick of late, and apple pies and brown bettys are some of my favorite fall desserts. Tonight I made a walnut cake with praline topping, courtesy of Cooking Light.

It came out good. The monkeys approved. Naturally - it was sweet. Of course, I have to parcel it out to friends, family, colleagues, and Jordan's teachers so that it isn't sitting at home calling out my name. Monkey Sr. considers it a bribe when I send it off to school to share with the teachers, but hey... I know what it's like with just two howling monkeys to contend with. A whole classroom? They need all the sugar they can get.
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