Friday, September 05, 2008

One week down.

Life kind of got in the way lately, which has made blogging difficult. But I promised I'd get my act together in time to note the passage of Jordan's first week back to school. It was a short week, following the Labor Day holiday. But it gave us a chance to get back into the routine of higher education once more.

My two favorite guys on the first day back.

Miss Mina's not in school yet. She's still too young for this preschool. They start at 2 1/2. I think that's about right for this kind of structured routine.
But, she keeps insisting she's going to school too. Or as she puts it, "I too?"

Once inside the classroom, she makes herself comfortable yet again.

What's the rush, Bean? One day...

And one day I'll get a decent picture of me and both kids; one where we're all looking at the camera, smiling, hair looks good, clothes are clean, no one's picking his nose or scratching them self, one where I look skinny and the kids look tall...something like that.

One day.
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