Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend at Bro's.

Go Steelers!

I spent this past weekend in the city where three rivers meet - Pittsburgh, PA! It was my first time visiting the home of the Steelers, and the first time I got a chance to hang out at my baby brother's house. There, I basked in the joy of spoiling someone else's child - my nephew, Arman! Look at those lips!

I'm now an official "auntie" ... and not just in a desi, older-woman kind of way.

And take a look just past the little baby toes - fat baby thighs, people. Is there anything better?

He's pretty cute when he's awake too. Here the grandparents get a chance to shine. Check out my dad holding his mini-me.

My brother, Riz, and my gracious sister-in-law, Tahera, did an amazing job hosting all of us. In addition to myself and the grandparents, my brother Osman also flew in - all the way from Boulder, CO.

Along with the lavish attention (hotel goodie bags!!!), Riz and T made meals from scratch all weekend long. Anyone remember what a challenge that is with an infant in tow? And cooking for a large group no less?? Those were homemade muffins out there, and frittata too! It was a fun weekend!

From the street fairs (here Osman and my dad line up at the Geiko tent to gamble on freebie promotional merchandise)

to the chocolate shops...

to the endless political debates around the coffee table... It was a great weekend all around. And the new parents seem to be adjsting remarkably well to life with a baby.

Riz still has all his hair.

And T's still smiling. They must be doing something right.

Now, some of you may be wondering where my little monkeys were during this big family reunion. They were home. Of course. With Monkey Sr., who used the weekend to his full advantage. While under his exclusive care, Jordan was subjected to some good old-fashioned home schooling.

Lesson number one - civics. Listen carefully to Beanie in the background happily echoing everything Jordan says. She does this with everything he says or does.

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