Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween is just around the corner...

But we've already managed to wear our costumes twice now. First, we wore them to the Columbia transplant party. And we got another go at it for the town's annual Halloween parade. Behold.

Halloween is another wonderful opportunity to humiliate your dog. He joined us during the parade, decked out in full bee regalia.

He looks about ready to hang his head in shame in this one. Wait till Christmas when I pull out the reindeer antlers.

Poor Oscar.

I finally got around to carving a few of the pumpkins we've managed to accumulate this month. This idea, brought to you by the folks at Good Housekeeping, with way too much time on their hands. It looked easy when I saw it. This is also the reason we all ate take out pizza last night. Jordan was happy about that though.

And finally, some pics Riz took of the kids while they visited last week. I am so suffering from camera envy.

Two more days till Halloween! Yay!!!
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