Thursday, October 02, 2008

Heading into October

I finally got a picture of the two of them at pick up today. It's taken me forever to bring the camera along, but it was worth it. Now, I can drag this one out for posterity on those days when they aren't playing so well. That would be just about every day now.

All right, where's the car now?

It's got to be this way..

How about that one there with the door open? That one? Are you sure?


Woman who holds all our junk, feeds us, and changes the diapers! Is this the right car?

At that point, I usually grab them and put them in. Both of them have figured out how to get into their seats (finally), but the logistics of the road make me want to do this part quickly. Pick up and drop off at the school is no fun.

Bean is dying to go to school already. Every day, without fail, she makes a point of talking about school. And every day I have to remind her that she's on a waiting list. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they had these things out here in our neck of the woods. She won't be ready for this school till January anyway, so I'm hoping something opens up then. When Jordan was ready to start school...oh a year or so ago, he did not have this level of excitement about it. He went along with it, had some big problems the first few months, then gradually got used to the routine.

This year, knock on wood, he seems to be doing really well. Knock on wood.

Part of what makes me more confident about Bean joining school in January is her general willingness to go along with things. Unlike her brother, she's LOVES to be the center of attention.

This is one of the same gym classes I used to take Jordan too. Mina can't wait to get in there, get her puppets and stand ready for attention.

And ohmigod, when the teacher pulled out the dress up clothes ... I think she just about dyed and went to heaven.

There's no comparison, of course. They are both radically different with respect to things. With Jordan, if something catches his eye, he can work at it for hours till he figures it out. He can recite whole books from memory, and work at an arts and crafts project till he's got it just right. Mina has no patience for any of that. But, I do know when it's time for school - she'll be ready.

On the subject of schools, Monkey Sr. and I had a mini Binghamton reunion this past weekend. For three years now, we've done this reunion with the old crew from Cleaveland Ave. A few years down the road, they're still looking pretty good.

Of course now, the kids tend to steal the show.

I did manage to get one tiny snippet of food pictures in though. There was SO much, I did not even know where to begin.

While Rob took a break for a second, Monkey Sr. filled in at the grill.

And here's Mina, having a drink, with a nice plate of raw burgers sitting next to her. Nice.

Back in the day, Monkey Sr. and crew managed to find the one decent butcher shop in Binghamton, where they bought their own steaks and cooked out on the grill in all kinds of weather. This was way before the word foodie ever hit mainstream. And there I was, just eating my way along for the ride. It was good seeing the crew again. Looking forward to next year - it's our turn, I think!

Ok - on to the big debate!
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