Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cram it all in Tuesday!

Since I posted last week, we did get the results from Jordan's last clinic. Everything looks good, except he continues to have elevated levels of the EBV virus in his system. They noticed that months ago and put him on an anti-viral drug, which did the trick for awhile. But apparently it's high again. It may have been because he was coming off a cold when we did labs, but to be safe, he needs to continue taking the extra medication for awhile. Yuck. It tastes pretty gross, but he's somehow been able to swallow it down with a milk chaser.

The doctors also noticed he seemed a little dehydrated. They recommended he drink more water. Normally, Jeff and I would be concerned, but not now. We figure the reason he was dehydrated was because he was peeing every five minutes the day of lab.

In the potty.

Do I dare say anything? God help me if I'm jinxing myself, but what the hell. Ok, here goes. We're on week three now of Jordan using the potty voluntarily. He's been diaper free for three weeks, and I'm still in awe. Many of you reading this know the trials and tribulations we've suffered over the years with this topic. We finally just reached a point where we decided to go diaper free forever and face hell or high water - we were not going back. Three years and 10 months. That didn't take long. Ha.

That said, we're using the pull ups at night because he can't seem to wake up to use the toilet. We tried two weeks without them, and that was a nightly disaster. And we're still dealing with some residual fear of using the potty for #2's. So, it's not all perfect. But he's been working really hard. No accidents while he's been awake, which is pretty good, I think. We've gone out in public with him many times now, and he's used the public restrooms. He goes at school without any prompting. And he seems really happy about finally becoming "a big boy."

Cross your fingers for me that I haven't ruined everything forever by posting about this. I'm so superstitious, I almost feel tempted to turn back and delete the entire entry.

In other news, I just got back from a great mini-break in Rhode Island, where I visited friends from law school. Robin - on the right, and her husband Jim - on the left, hosted a wonderful "Leiden Reunion." Our Leiden crew - Robin, Rachel, Rich, myself, and our UK compadre Tanya, met while in law school. But it was our adventures abroad that stand out in my mind as the highlight of our grad school years. Escaping school for six months to live in the Netherlands, while paying the same in-state tuition rate? Sign me up.

We talked politics...

Ate ginourmous amounts of food...

And celebrated our love of Dutch culture.

Being the lawyers that we are, the celebrating started at about 4:00 in the afternoon, and continued into the wee hours. Those of us who were unable to attend, were met with the late night phone calls. Hurray for technology! Hurray for early happy hours! Sorry, Tanya. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, I look back at it and wonder what we were thinking. Nothing like harassing a mom with four kids.

Thanks again, Robin and Jim for being such awesome hosts. It was great hanging out. Newport is an awesome town!

While I was away, the monkeys remained in the care of their father, Grandma H, and Michael. I knew they'd be well taken care of.

On Saturday, they visited a children's museum, where Mina made some new friends -

And on Sunday, they returned to the Central Park zoo.

The penguins were their favorite.

They had so much fun, I think I might have to take more of these mommy-time trips out of town.

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