Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Days of Our Lives.

At lunch today, I tried to talk to Jordan about school. This is never easy, because, according to him, he does absolutely nothing all day long. Since the tuition bill is as large as it is, I refuse to believe he's just sitting in the corner for three hours. So, I persist.

Me: So, tell me about the songs you sang today? Did you sing one or two?

Jordan: We sang one, Mom. The good morning song.

Me: Well, what happened next? Did you do anything then?

Jordan: I did arts and crafts with Miss Kathy. She plays with me.

me: That's wonderful! Do you like Miss Kathy?

Jordan: I love her. She saved my life. She understands me.

I looked over at Jeff, standing by the counter, and we both did a double-take. She saved his life? (yikes.) She understands him? Having met Miss Kathy several times, I was pretty sure Jordan was not her type. The fact that he's not yet four and she's probably about 40 would probably get in the way and all. What the hell was our kid talking about?

I pressed on.

Me: What do you mean, Jordan? Is Miss Kathy a friend of yours?

Jordan: (giggling) She saved my life. She understands me!

I looked over at Jeff again. The words sounded so familiar. He looked at me. I looked at him, and we both got it at the same time.

It's a line from the "Bee Movie." The main character - Barry Benson, says it about his human friend - Vanessa, a florist. I suppose I might be concerned, but I know his fleeting love of Miss Kathy is only temporary. Later in the conversation, he declared that "Gloria (the hippo from Madagascar), Daisy, and Minnie" are his "girlfriends."

At which point Miss Mina replied:

"And Mickey and Goofy are my girlfriends too!" (Another long sigh from Jeff in the corner.)

And so passed lunch. Who needs torrid soap operas when you have a preschooler?
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