Saturday, November 08, 2008

How we keep busy on dreary days...




Jordan did this one - entitled, "Mommy and Jordan playing hopscotch and a truck."

The truck theme continued here. This is "Jordan waiting for the ice cream truck." I particularly liked the ice cream versions - two!

Dress up!

Who am I kidding? Mina doesn't need a dreary day to dress up. It's Halloween year round over here.

On this dreary day, we had a very special outing to see Madagascar 2 - Escape 2 Africa! The kids got another chance to see all their animated friends...

And I got a chance to do battle against my childhood nemesis - Galaga!! Score!! Wow that was an added bonus! I'll admit, this had me very excited. If Jeff wasn't yammering in the background, I would have gotten on the high score board. I know it.

I got some writing done too - here's my latest kids' cuisine installment. In it, I shamelessly detail my fascination with all things celebrity and food related... as related to their kids, of course.
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