Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I want to hate her...but I can't!

Last night, I prepared pumpkin pie for Jordan's Thanksgiving party at school. I love pumpkin pie. Love it. For me, it's pumpkin pie that signifies the end of a Thanksgiving meal. It's so seasonal - when else do you really make it?

When making the pies for Jordan's party, I worked smart. Just bought the pre-made pie crusts - chocolate graham cracker and regular graham cracker. Nothing fancy. No one sent any leftovers back today, so I guess they went over well.

On the other hand, when it comes to our meal on Thursday, I think I may have messed up. Why do I do this to myself? I fell for it. I decided to make a crust myself, following a Martha recipe. Deep dish Pate Brisee, she calls it. I'll refrain from sharing what I call it. Why did I attempt this? I can't even pronounce the damn thing. I love her, but I hate her too. She pulls me in with her promises of culinary perfection, and I fall for it every single time. I don't care how pretty the pictures are. Nothing is ever so simple.

It's 10:00, and I am still waiting for that pie to finish cooking. Oh Martha. Why???

And the sad thing is, I've made pie crusts before. I'm no baker, but I can do it. I've made apple pies, strawberry-rhubarb pies, cream pies, cherry pies... Why didn't I just stick with one of my tried and true recipes? I'm going to have to sample the pie to make sure it's edible before I serve it on Thursday. That's all there is to it. Either that, or I'm sneaking out to Costco tomorrow for one of their ready mades. Don't they look good?

And finally, this last picture goes out to Robin. I know you'll have an awesome Thanksgiving. Lists or no lists. Don't let my craziness infect you. Look at this monstrosity I have. I know I am crazy because even as I look at the list, I am mentally tallying the exact times I will do each item on the list, and part of me is itching to get my pen and add it in the margins.. look, I did it there with the turkey.

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