Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Two years later!

After dropping the monkey off at school, Mina and I headed over to the middle school to cast our ballot in favor of Barack Obama, who, judging by returns thus far tonight, looks to be our next president.

As much as Monkey Sr. has been trying to disenfranchise me, in the end, I just about managed to screw up my own vote by messing up in the ballot box. I'm new to NJ booths, so this whole electronic ballot thing threw me for a loop. I've mentioned before how non techie-techie I am, right? Well, I got a little confused, and having Mina in the booth didn't help much. I wound up pressing a button that would have required me to manually enter in the names of all the candidates for office I wanted. It took me about ten minutes to figure that out. All the while, I was wondering how to get myself out of this mess. In the end, I voted, and I'm pretty sure I voted for the right guy.

We were very pleased with ourselves.

After that, we took advantage of the beautiful weather, and headed to the park.

We met up with our friends and managed to catch a male porcupine at the zoo. There he was, standing on his back legs, rocking to and fro, and almost waving his little hands at us. So cute, I thought!

And then, I heard the zookeeper behind us explain that the little guy was entertaining us with a mating dance. Lovely. Picture a miniature crowd of little kids, off from school today, rocking back and forth in unison with the porcupine. He seemed very pleased with himself.

I didn't bother trying to explain it to her.
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