Friday, December 05, 2008

"I'm just one stomach virus away from reaching my goal weight."

That's one of my favorite lines from the movie "The Devil Wears Prada;" and I'm recalling it fondly today. I don't know if it's the monkey viruses floating around the house or the questionable sushi I ate last night, but I'm feeling pretty crap-ole this evening. Can't seem to keep much down, appetite is shot, and even the thought of the chocolate Jeff is hiding in his briefcase is making me sick.

Yeah, I know. Blasphemy!

The plus side - my jeans fit nicely today. So pathetic, I know. Once I start eating again, like tomorrow, we'll be back to normal.

Miss Mina has also caught the bug. She's been harboring a low grade fever since last night, coughing madly, and not eating much. She sounds like she has croup, but I'm not really sure. She woke up several times last night coughing and hacking all over the place. At some point she joined us in bed, where - fully awake, she happily began chatting up a storm.

"Want to talk to me?" She kept asking. Not at 4:00 in the morning, I don't.

Sensing we're more willing to indulge her when she's sick, Miss Mina plays up the theatrics for all its worth. It doesn't take much to bring out her inner drama queen.

As though I needed any more convincing that plastic surgery is in order, Miss Mina cemented the deal for me at lunch today.

She hasn't been eating so well, so to encourage her, I let her sit on my lap while she eats. Today, she climbed on up, cuddled close (she gets even more clingy when she's sick), and began stroking my face. Sounds cute right? I thought so to, till she started talking.

Mina: Mommy?

Me: Yes?

Mina: Mommy? What color is your big nose?

me (gritting teeth): It's brown.

Mina (smiling and tilting her head flirtatiously): And what color is my little nose?

One more thing to add to my list of things I want when I win the lottery - plastic surgery. Loads of it. And politeness lessons for my kid.

Speaking of which - here's typhoid Mary, in all his baggy pants glory. Since losing the diapers, his pants are always hanging off his non-existent behind.

Yeah, he's fully back to normal. Whatever that means. But because he was on antibiotics this week, he needs to get his blood levels tested tomorrow morning. The drug he was on interferes with his cyclosporine levels, so we need to check on them. Not too happy about that, unfortunately.

At least he recovered quickly - yay! And hopefully we'll all be well again by next week.
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